Dear Friend/Family Member who voted for Trump   1 comment

If you voted for Trump, I do NOT want—as many on Facebook are asking—for you to unfriend me. You are my friend or family member and my fellow human being, and I am committed to remaining in a loving relationship with you.

I love you, but right now I am filled with rage and sadness at what you have done.

You have chosen to elevate fear over love. You have put the very lives of many of my friends—and your fellow human beings—in jeopardy.

I’m not sure why you voted for him, what “greater good” you saw. Whatever that is for you, its cost is the further marginalization of people whom our society has already disfavored: women; racial, ethnic, and religious minorities; LGBTQ+ people; people in poverty; people with disabilities; people with chronic illnesses; and many more. Their lives are sure to get worse under the Trump administration.

Do you know how many of your fellow citizens could not sleep last night for fear? How many arose this morning with the sense that their country hates them? How many are making concrete plans that revolve around trying to make their lives less threatened in your “great” new world?

If you truly believe you are not racist; sexist; homophobic; Islamaphobic; disdainful of the poor, the disabled, and the environment; and/or endorsing of rape culture and all kinds of violence, the good news is that you have the next four years to disprove it. What will you personally do to stand up for the rights that Trump has vowed to trample? What concrete things will you do to support the marginalized?

You have made the work of justice much harder. I hope you will join those of us who are doing it.

I do love you, despite being so troubled by what you have done. Please work with me to make it better.

Posted 9 November 2016 by Br. Scott Michael Pomerenk, BSG in Uncategorized

One response to “Dear Friend/Family Member who voted for Trump

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  1. Thank you, Brother—I stand with you in this work, and engage to pray for you daily, as I ask your prayers for my ministry and my family. Bless you—A priest of 25 years.

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