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White friends and family: it’s important for us to recognize that Charlottesville was not an isolated incident, and to notice the disparity in police responses to white and black “protests”.
I’ve heard countless times since November from my friends who are ethnic or religious minorities—as well as my LGBTQIA friends—that these incidents are neither new nor surprising to them, that they are reflections of the bigotry they experience on a daily basis. That the white nationalist/KKK/Neo-Nazi movement has been alive and well for a long time, and simply feels emboldened by 45’s campaign, appointments, and statements to come out of hiding. AND that white supremacy is normalcy in the United States.
Have you seen photos of police on Saturday? They’re not in special gear. There were only a few arrests made—and those after deadly violence. Compare that to Black Lives Matter marches which were met by police in full riot gear with tanks, and at which hundreds of arrests were made.
Just a few months ago the North Carolina House of Representatives—no doubt anticipating incidents like Saturday’s—voted to protect drivers who hit protestors.
We who benefit—wittingly or unwittingly, willingly or unwillingly—from white supremacy need to be doing everything we can to disrupt and dismantle the system that privileges us. That means having difficult conversations in our families, our communities, our churches, and in our own heads; it means standing behind people of color as they lead the marches and give the speeches. It means being willing to be corrected when you make a mistake.
It’s hard work, but it is the work patriotism. It is the work of morality. If you’re a person of faith it is the work of that faith.

Posted 14 August 2017 by Br. Scott Michael Pomerenk, BSG in Uncategorized

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